A-Z on transitioning into a Saasprenuer

A-Z on transitioning into a Saasprenuer

SAAS Mini Course

SAAS Mini Course

The SAAS Mini Course Is Free To Access, there is a more advanced version of it with lessons that go a bit further and are more tactical and strategic.

You Can Purchase The Full Course For $497

Course Curriculum

Selling SAAS vs Agency Services 1.0

1.1 The Things To Know About The SAAS Business Model

1.2 Why HighLevel's SAAS Mode Makes Sense

1.3 Picking A Vertical or Niche vs Going Horizontal

1.4 Using SAAS Mode For Non-Marketing SAAS Purposes

1.5 Definitions Of Various SAAS Metrics

Branding Your SAAS 2.0

2.1 Picking A Good Memorable Name For Your Niche

2.2 It's The Little Details That Matter

2.3 Customizing & Making Your Dashboard Branded With CSS 🔒

2.4 Building Out Your Brand Kit 🔒

Selling Your SAAS 3.0

3.1 Building The Perfect SAAS Website & Landing Page

3.2 Analyzing SAAS Websites Together

3.3 Getting Users The Demo Way 🔒

3.4 Getting Users The Demoless Way 🔒

3.5 Finding Potential Users Via Twitter 🔒

3.6 Getting Users By Making Your Clients Feel Special 🔒

3.7 How Much Should You Sell Your Saas Plans For? 🔒

Marketing Your SAAS 4.0

4.1 Setting Up Your SAAS Retargeting Ads

4.2 Getting Into The SAAS Content Framework 🔒

4.3 How To Build Easy eBooks For Lead Magnets 🔒

4.4 Build An Affiliate Program For Your SAAS 🔒

4.5 How To Easily Create Your First Evergreen "Masterclass" 🔒

Servicing Your SAAS 5.0

5.1 Language To Use On Onboarding Calls & Setting Expectations

5.2 SAAS Metrics To Be Aware Of

5.3 Building Your Resources Tab & Third Party Tools / Services We Use 🔒

5.4 Building A User Success Framework 🔒

5.4 Making Your SAAS Extra Sticky 🔒